Welcome to DADTz Archery LLC

DADTz Archery is a small, family run business located between Delavan and Whitewater, WI. We’ve always had a love for the outdoors and archery and what started as just a hobby grew into a business. 

We sell a variety of archery products including(but not limited to):Obsession Bows, HHA sights and rests, Vapor Trail strings and rests, Gold Tip arrows, Rinehart targets, and True Fire releases. We also offer general bow repairs and an OUTDOOR SHOOTING RANGE!

*Please note we are not limited to the products available in the shop. We invite you to send us a message of what you are looking for and we can order it for you. 


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W7733 Territorial Rd. Delavan, WI 53115


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 The range is OPEN! The shop is also open but by appointment only.